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I was at Starbucks in New Haven, Connecticut getting a cup of coffee when I ran into national community organizer DeRay McKesson. He was headed to Yale University deliver to an explosive lecture. Continue reading

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With rioting simultaneously taking place in over 100 cities across the United States, WNPR Where We Live recorded a live broadcast at Central Connecticut State University. They brought together academics and activists, researchers and a law enforcement officer, to join in frank conversation with students and others from the community. Continue reading

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During a motor vehicle investigation or stop-frisk, the officer on scene will decide your fate based on his/her discretion. By that time, you already will have been arrested, pepper sprayed or tazered. Leave all of the homemade “street lawyer” debate for home or after the stop by police. Continue reading

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Shafiq Tackles The Causes and Solutions To #Ferguson

Ferguson, Missouri: A Case Study in Urban Policing (Hartford, Conn – 8-18-2014) NPR-Where We Live: The fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown sent hundreds of angry protesters into the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. On 8-18-2014, Shafiq R. Fulcher Abdussabur appeared … Continue reading

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Author and Motivational Speaker Shafiq Abdussabur, tackles the tough question asked by Focus on New Haven Yale University sophomores during an orientation program focused on community service and learning more about New Haven. Continue reading

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Making Youth A Priority

Making Youth A Priority- Several officials and community leaders were on hand to include: Connecticut State Representative Gary Holder-Winfield,New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman, Winstanley Enterprises LLC Carter Winstanley, Mubarakah Ibrahim Alderman Frank Douglas, District Manager Lieutenant Holly Wasilewski, Barbara Fair, New Haven Street Outreach Workers NHFA Continue reading

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Press Release-The Night Belongs To Us-Youth Safety with Cops, Gangs and Guns

A straight talk workshop entitled “Youth Safety with Cops, Gangs and Guns” will be examining the interactions between the police and predominately Hispanic, Latino, and Black youth. This interactive workshop will examine how urban youth represent themselves and how they are perceived by others in America. Continue reading

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It has been a sad – but well-known – fact that in many communities, “Driving While Black” or “Driving While Hispanic” can be seen as a reason to get pulled over by police. While the state has a law that mandates reports on the ethnicity of drivers pulled over in traffic stops – that… On Monday, April 30, 2012 at 5:30pm, at Gateway Community College, Long Wharf Campus, multi-purpose room 160, 60 Sargent Drive, New Haven, The department of criminal justice at the University of New Haven, will host a presentation on police and the community. Continue reading

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