Press Release-The Night Belongs To Us-Youth Safety with Cops, Gangs and Guns


The Night Belongs To Us-Youth Safety with Cops, Gangs and Guns

(New Haven, CT – Monday, July 16, 2012)  Creating an environment which will foster positive relationships between urban youth and public safety officials is a high priority for urban families in the New Haven County area. During the hot summer months, many urban youths are often faced with the dilemma of being in the right place at the right time; in other words to behave and stay out of trouble.  The Courtland S. Wilson Branch Library of New Haven and Boldminds LLC have joined forces to host a dynamic night of education, art, literature and food, which is themedThe Night Belongs to Us.”

The Night Belongs Us” is the 2012 Connecticut summer reading theme for teenagers. Courtland S. Wilson Branch Library Manager Melissa Canham-Clyne, MLS feels that an interactive workshop that would address the various aspect of safety that urban youth are most likely to encounter will be the best way to reach urban youth in the area:

WHEN: Tuesday July 24, 2012, 5:30pm-7:30pm

WHERE: Courtland S. Wilson Branch, 303 Washington Ave., New Haven, Connecticut

WHAT: A straight talk workshop entitled “Youth Safety with Cops, Gangs and Guns” will be examining the interactions between the police and predominately Hispanic, Latino, and Black youth.  This interactive workshop will examine how urban youth represent themselves and how they are perceived by others in America.

Session One: Safety and Perceptions- As a leading expert in urban program development aimed at reducing gun violence, Abdussabur, local law enforcement officer/ author/ artist, will discuss how the image of urban youth is influenced by race, ethnicity and class within America.  He will also discuss how parents and educators play a key role.

Session Two: Cops, Gangs and Guns, Shafiq Abdussabur, the author of A Black Man’s Guide to Law Enforcement in America, will use his experience and expertise gained from being on both sides of the police badge to uncover some of the issues urban youth face such as, communication, perception and the truth behind racial profiling.  He will also discuss the two major threats that urban youth face in America: gun violence and gangs.

This event has been sponsored by Winstanley Enterprises, LLC.  Contributing Partners also include Wilson Branch New Haven Public Library, Boldminds LLC, National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers Inc., New Haven Guardians Inc., New Haven County Silver Shields, Hill Youth Action Team.

New Haven Police Chief Dean Esserman will attend.  Invitations have been sent out to various youth organizations, and it is expected that 50 teens from the immediate area will attend with their parents and/ or guardians.  Each teen that attends will receive a complimentary copy of the book (60 books) – A Black Man’s Guide to Law Enforcement in America valued at $16.99 mrsp.




Shafiq R. Fulcher Abdussabur is an author, public speaker, racial profiling consultant, entrepreneur, and a law enforcement Sergeant. His unique views and approach to urban violence prevention, racial profiling prevention and community based policing have been featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, NPR-Where We Live, New Haven Independent, NPR-All Things Considered, WYBC-Electric Drum, New Haven Advocate, Russian Radio, BBC, PBS, New York Daily News, New Haven Register, Hartford Courant, and Al Jazeera America. His repertoire continues to grow consistently. He has appeared as a guest host on WNPR's “Where We Live.” He is also a contributing writer for the Huffington Post.
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  1. Hopefully the youth that are targeted for this program will attend along with their parents. People alway complain that nobody is doing anything about the violence well someone is trying go and do your part.

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