The Violence of Guns in America

URBAN TALK RADIO “The Violence of Guns in America”
Aired October 14, 2015 10am-11am EDT 103.5FM WNHH-LP 
The Violence of Guns in America -UTR 10-14-2015

To date in America, there has been 994 mass shootings in 1,004 days. It is estimated that gun violence has killed 30,000 people a year for the last 20 years. Even though recent reports have shown that violent crime has declined in urban cities nationwide, Urban Gun crime still remains a chronic issue facing young Black, Hispanic and Latino men in America. Gun violence continues to be a tremendous problem for all Americans from the inner-city projects of Chicago, to small sleepy towns in the middle of Oregon. Thus, an effective solution requires a collective response as both our elected officials, religious leaders, organizations, institutions and individuals of all races and ethnic backgrounds.

Show Guest:

  • Barbara Fair- The founder of My Brother’s Keeper a grassroots organization focused on improving Social Justice. She is a member of New Haven chapter of the ACLU

  • Ron Pinciaro has been Executive Director of CT Against Gun Violence (CAGV) for 14 years.

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I was at Starbucks in New Haven, Connecticut getting a cup of coffee when I ran into national community organizer DeRay McKesson. He was headed to Yale University deliver to an explosive lecture. I had recently seen him on CNN talking about the well-publicized Black Lives Matter Movement and concerns regarding police brutality rates and racism in USA.

I wanted to at least share the valuable content in my book about my unique approaches for reforming modern-day policing and racial profiling prevention. The book teaches ways to stop racism and highlights incidents of black man shot by police. So, I armed him with a copy of my book A Black Man’s Guide to Law Enforcement in America. He gave me the pleasure of gaining incite on how the Black Lives Matter movement started. Deray stated that it initially started out as #CampaignZero, which to my understanding evolved to the #blacklivesmatter movement which is reported to have been co-founded by three black activists: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi.

Deray stated that he and some friends had been home in Saint Louis watching the events unfold in Ferguson days following the Michael Brown shooting on August 9, 2014. Once they arrived, they would later join the protest. Overreaction by #ferguson police started after a Black protester threw a water bottle at the Ferguson Riot Police during the initial protest and the #Fergusonpolice responded with a barrage of tear gas.

In March 2015 the Los Angeles Times named DeRay McKesson one of the “new civil rights leaders” for the 21st century. He is noted for the iconic hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. A voice for millions across America this young Black male has made it clear that #BlackMouthsMatter in a never-ending struggle for social justice in the 21st century.

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“Riding Outside the Color Lines”

Urban Biking in the Elm

URBAN TALK RADIO – Aired August 19, 2015 10am-11am EDT 103.5FM WNHH-LP

Listen to the this show now on SoundCloud:

Photo Credits: Hartford-green-lane Image Ryan King-WNPR

Photo Credits: Hartford-green-lane Image       Ryan King-WNPR


Based on urban city models nationwide, a road diet plan holds the potential to improve safety for everyone who uses the roads in New Haven. Implementation of protected bike lanes along those corridors will separate cyclists from traffic. Will this plan increase bike safety? Is biking a culture or is it just cultural? Is urban biking the new “green way to go” to work of run errands? Will expensive bikes and bike repairs dominate your monthly household budget?

On August 19, 2016 URBAN TALK RADIO hosted by Shafiq Abdussabur, discussed Urban Biking in the Elm with show guests Doug Hausladen- Director of the Transportation, Traffic & Parking department for the City of New Haven/Acting Executive Director of Parking Authority and John Brehon,-Sales Manager for The Devil’s Gear Bike Shop.

They took on the tough questions:
Why bike lanes and who cares?
Is it cheaper to Bike?
Why are the Bike lanes Green?
Where can I chain my bike up?
Is there a Bike Tax?
Is Biking for the Rich?
Who’s paying the cost for the Green Lanes?

Listen here to the show now on SoundCloud:

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The Double Standard In Race Based Violence

BM-Old Enough To Fight Old Enough To Die-4-4-01-Middle East Series Edited 6-29-2015

It may appear that America’s very painful journey in dealing with race relations has taken yet another difficult detour. Over the last 22 days, words and phrases characterizing Black and White youth and their behaviors have flooded social media and online news agencies. The very definition of these behaviors has been at the heart of the discussion. It appears that there is a clear double standard in distinguishing youth who have committed incredulous acts by using words that would call for the public to “be on the lookout” or “BOLO” for Blacks youth, while their non-Black youths are worthy of a review prior to one passing judgment.

Following the April 19, 2015 death of Freddie Gray, America witnessed the aftermath of the volatile incident between Baltimore police and the Black community through days of violent protest. The Small Business Administration’s survey calculated damages of approximately $8,927,000.

Based on these figures, the estimated financial damages of Dylann Roof’s alleged hate inspired gun crime will cost South Carolina taxpayers $45,854,820 for the mass shooting deaths of the nine Black parishioners. Check out this “hot discussion.” Continue reading this exclusive Huffington Post Feature.

Read more: The Double Standard In Race Based Violence

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Teenage Ground Zero Attitude of Resistance

A Teenage War On Parenting

Parents of all socio-economic, educational, religious, and ethnic backgrounds are faced with a new front on parenting. There have been plenty of hot topic debates, both politically and culturally, over the disadvantages of homes headed by a single parent. Many skeptics have claimed that the greatest disadvantage of single parent homes is the economic loss because these household are forced to operate on a limited and most times insufficient income.


Did you know that children who were a product of such a live-in situation showed very disturbing performances in their education, social life, self-esteem, and often explored risky behaviors? …..Read more on this ground breaking article in the Huffington Post


Teenage Ground Zero Attitude of Resistance


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NPR-Policing the Black CommunityThe police shooting of Michael Brown has now become “ground zero” for race relations on America because of the potential short and long-term effects.  Monday night prosecuting attorney, Robert McCullochthat the grand jury decided that Wilson acted within the limits of the lethal-force law.

Unlike the Rodney King beating in March of 1991 by L.A police, the Black community of Ferguson did not wait a year later to react. Unlike 1991, the Ferguson protesters set a new record, and began rioting within 72 hours of the actual incident which lasted for over 100 days leading up to Mondays controversial grand jury decision.

With rioting simultaneously taking place in over 100 cities across the United States, WNPR Where We Live recorded a live broadcast at Central Connecticut State University. They brought together academics and activists, researchers and an outspoken police officer, to join in frank conversation with students and others from the community.

Photo by Ismail Abdussabur CCSU 11-2014 WNPR


  • Timothy Black, Associate Professor of Sociology at Case Western University, author of On Becoming a Teen Mom: Life Before Pregnancy
  • LaResse Harvey, Director of Strategic Relations at A Better Way Foundation
  • Agnus Kurzyna, Community Activist in New Britain, CT
  • Roderick Anderson, PhD Candidate in Anthropology at UMass Amherst
  • Shafiq Abdussabur,  author of A Black Man’s Guide to Law Enforcement in America, and Law Enforcement Officer

Where We Live: Catie Talarski & John Dankosky


Blue Police in Black Communities

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Marion Barry -Curtesy of Washington City Paper

Marion Barry -Curtsey of Washington City Paper

One of the new challenges in America is how to restore the balance to urban America. It is quite possible that Marion Barry Jr., who was a civil rights activist who served three terms as mayor of the District of Columbia, and survived a drug arrest and a stint in jail, and then returned to politics win a fourth term as Washington’s city’s chief executive, lived a life that may have left us with an urban solution.

Marion Barry Jr., died around midnight Saturday, November 22, 2014 at United Medical Center in Washington. He will leave behind a legacy of hope and redemption particularly for Black men who often find themselves on the “wrong side of the law” and end up in the criminal justice system. As America awaits the Ferguson Decision, the country is tasked with the best way to have a national discussion on racial equality and the disparities within the criminal justice system.

It is all too common to listen to the discussions that are taking place particularly in the Black community where very complex questions are constantly being raised. What about all the Black men who have been incarcerated and then return home? How are they supposed to rebuild their life? Some of the urban blue print for the re-entry of Black males may well reside in the life example of Marion Barry Jr.

Aside from his determination, zeal, and perseverance, it was emphatically clear that the community he served loved him. His life example will live on as a testament to America’s social compassion.



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From New Haven Register:
Shooting violence decried at New Haven vigil celebrating life of Erika Robinson

NHR_L_ErikaRobinsonVigil49%20201419100101-M(New Haven, Connecticut) A candlelight vigil in honor of Erika Robinson Fulcher was held Sunday October 26, 2014 in front of the former Key Club Cabaret Sunday, marking the one-year anniversary of her shooting death. Celeste and Greg Fulcher, held a vigil Sunday in memory of their daughter Erika Robinson at the former Key Club Cabaret in New Haven. Robinson, 26, of West Haven, was shot and killed one year ago inside the club.

More than 100 friends, family members, community activists, law enforcement officials and political leaders gathered to pay homage to the life of the 26-year-old. Robinson, of West Haven, was shot and killed October 26, 2013 inside the club.

"(Catherine Avalone - New Haven Register)

Today’s event represented the perfect recipe needed to confront the horrific acts of gun violence in America,” said Robinson’s cousin and family spokesman Shafiq Abdussabur. “We were fortunate to have brought together loving parents, a strong family, a dedicated federal senator, a community based police department, members of the clergy, support agencies, friends and concerned citizens.” Abdussabur is an author, racial profiling consultant and police officer.

“This is a true representation of a community network committed to finding solutions to end the tragic acts of gun violence that continue to threaten “the American Dream,” he said.

Abdussabur encouraged the black community to support elected officials such as U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Gov. Dannel Malloy for their bold efforts in combating gun violence.

Robinson’s father, Gregory Fulcher, 53, said he is not stopping the fight of bringing more attention to gun violence, particularly in the black community.

Read as more as national, state and local elected officials respond….READ MORE..

Photos courtesy of New Haven Register.

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Life-saving tips during Motor Vehicle and Stop -Frisk 

Remember, in most cases, you will come out fine during almost any non-felony-related motor vehicle stop as long as you are courteous and polite. Don’t try to be cute or a smart mouth, even if your parent or relative is a police officer, or your father is the Chief of Police, or you are the Mayor’s son. The bottom line is during a motor vehicle investigation, the officer on scene will decide your fate based on his/her discretion and that will not be reviewed until a court date. By that time, you already will have been arrested, pepper sprayed or tazered. Some of you need to leave all of the homemade “street lawyer” debate for home or after the stop. If talking is what you want to do, do it after the motor vehicle stop is over and you are well on your way. Call a friend and talk about it over the phone. However, if using a cell phone while driving is illegal in your state, then I suggest that you turn on your favorite song and relax.

Cover choice car-1

Must read: Life-saving tips during Motor Vehicle and Stop -Frisk 

  1. Be extra nice
  2. Be extra polite
  3. Be extra cooperative
  4. Be extra attentive
  5. Be honest (the police ain’t stupid)
  6. Be extra respectful
  7. Don’t get loud
  8. Don’t fidget around or fumble about the car
  9. Only make a move when the officer tells you to
  10. Roll down your window at least halfway
  11. Stay in your car unless ordered or asked to get out
  12. Have all of your paperwork in order
  13. Turn off your radio
  14. Turn off the car until the officer tells you to turn it on
  15. Don’t get on the cell phone during the stop
  16. Don’t try to intimidate the officer with whom you know
  17. Don’t get mad when the officer gives you a ticket
  18. Don’t talk back or try and get the last word in
  19. Use the same level of respect you would when talking with your grandparent
  20. Don’t smoke a cigarette throughout the stop

(Taken from page 60), A Black Mans Guide To Law Enforcement In America


Life-Saving Tips For Black Passengers



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     Unfortunately, many parents and guardians prefer to rely on five word police commentary and the first two minutes of the nightly news to keep them informed of the climate and behaviors of their young urban males’ environment. Does this sound familiar? A parent/guardian is watching the 6pm news where there is a story of a big neighborhood teenage fight or a shooting involving a teenager in the area. The parent/guardian looks at their young male and says, “I know you don’t have anything to do with that? Right?” And of course, the young man is going to say “nawh.” And then, he will most likely leave the room or area to quickly avoid any more questions. You as the parent/guardian will feel like you have done your duty and that will most likely be the end of your inquiry. I am here to tell you that ain’t good enough. You will fail at monitoring your young male’s safety and properly managing his environment.

young urban males causes of youth violence

Young Urban Males – Causes of Youth Violence

 Monitoring young urban males will be a very hard task. Several factors will increase or decrease the level of difficulties you will face as your young male grows older. Here are some Tried & True tips that will help make the process of monitoring him easier.

  • 1- “Setting the tone early” in your young male’s mind. Let him know at age 10 who the boss and or bosses are. You don’t want to be repeating this at age 16 years old, at that age you only want to constantly remind him as a refresher course.

  • 2- You as a parent/guardian must go further in investigating and answering the question of- “what is going on in the life of your young male?”

  • 3- You cannot afford to put if off interventions with him until the next day. Timing is crucial in helping young males make good decisions.

  • 4- You cannot worry about losing your friendship between you and your young male.

  • 5- You cannot worry about hurting his feelings.

  • 6- You cannot allow yourself to turn a blind eye.

  • 7- You must at all times follow your gut instinct, because if you suspect that your young male is doing something negative or inappropriate there is a great chance he is.

  • 8- Demand passwords/logins for his accounts-Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, KiK, Instagram and other social media sites.

  • 9- Make random checks of his cell phone messages and photos.

  • 10- Think and act like the police, but don’t try to be the police.

How to Raise Young Urban Males

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